Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yes. After Friday, we went for sushi class. We - Sooky, my bro (he loves jap stuff) and myself. Not many pictures. Action mar! :D

Sook looking up, me looking down.

I'm trying to kill sook. with a crabstick.

Some stuff my bro and I made which we brought home.
california roll I think. I brought it home to cut, and realised that was a mistake. the rice fell apart coz it became dry already.

erm...rolled sushi?

Hand rolls, rice balls, tuna tops, egg and crabstick sushi.

The two amazing chefs on my left and right. my bro and batchmate! not me(i mean, I'm a lousy chef la). why? coz alot I did fell apart...and I could easily had won the most messy award of there were 1. sooky attributes it to impatience. not good, either way :(

on the whole it was a good experience, honestly. fun, enjoyable. the ingredients ran out incredibly fast, and the committee were kept running bout with tasks like refilling empty bowls and going out to buy plain white rice (since the sushi rice, which is incredibly expensive! had ran out). haha! but kudos to the jap club (which I am now a member. lols man.

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