Monday, March 9, 2009


I think I must have been crazy on friday. Brain was a lil fried after summatives, afterall.
Was walking in Berjaya with Sooky, ChongSen and HoChing. This man (caught a fleeting picture of him) was promoting the "fish spa". RM5 for 15 minutes.

So well, I was interested. Haha. And I tried, but with no success, to persuade any of the others to join me :( I was so darn terrified!!! but I had already washed my legs. Just too too too afraid to put my legs in the water. the fish looked humongous! :O

I think it was quite a while before I finally put my feet in to "feed" the fish.

Tortured smile.


The fish freakin' big! :O

HoChing and Sooky.
(and the man in cap and white shirt who promoted it walking behind)

ChongSen and myself :)

Afterword: well, now I'm not afraid already la. but if you asked me if its something to enjoy, I would say nothing enjoyable about it...just an experience. No, I wouldn't pay to feed the fish again. Your dead skin will grow again anyhow, no?

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