Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thank you, Sorry. F.U.N

First up, thank you Sooky. For being an AMAZING Friend in every way. I'm really blessed to have you as my friend :) For everything... I want you to know I appreciate it^^

Secondly, because I promised:

I hereby apologize to ELDWIN OUI TING JIE for unintentionally "aiming" (whacking) him several times during badminton. :/ I highly regret it. Melody says to add that too bad, your head too big :P

Ok. :) Now to continue...

Today was a fantastic and funtastic day. Hahaha. Sooky came over my house in the morning. Well, "agenda" was like...hearing her play the piano (and taking secret photos...which I will not post up unless she allows); and showing her my childhood(well, not so childhood) photos. Funny to laugh over the past. :P And...she was the first (and only one la) to see me in the dress (kinda like short evening dress) I bought. gesh... =p

Then there was oral health week. Overall, I think it was a success. I learnt a few things, and I was quite impressed with the dental students as a whole. hehe. and look at the stuff I got below at the end of the day...

Prizes from individual stations. Toothpaste (multiple, as you can see) , bookmarks, model tooth. The no-sugar-added soybean was consumed in the very hour. The games were fun la :) Matching/ pasting smiles on celebrities ; "bowling", "darts" (with satay sticks with clay), "wheel of fortune" and others. Nice :)

Then it was time for class. Scanning through slides, I realised I knew so little bout hemato. Need to brush up. ALOT :(

After that....I changed and went for...badminton! :O Its really amazing as this is the first sport (apart from darts) that I've YEARS. Serious. the last time I played badminton was bout 8 yrs ago, when I was...12 or 13. LOL.

To my delight, I could still play. As in, I'm not a "good" player, but enough to enjoy the game. :) Derrick is really good. And partnering with him was fun as well. Melody, Sook Cheng, DaiDai, Eld and Joyce (who came later) were there. It was AWESOMELY FUNTASTIC. Haha I cant begin to describe. You need to be there personally. There were songs(Melody...) and sound effect(Joyce...) which constantly cracked me up. And of course, (as you would have noticed from the apology above), some minor "accidents".

Haha. But it was really really really fun. I think I've never perspired like that IN MY LIFE. the thing I noticed is that I don't bother if the shuttlecock was took too far away. And yes, they( Dai and Melody) did ALOT to try make me run. Haha. And to be honest, I did try... I've never ever pushed myself that hard before in sports. This is...the first. Was fighting the tiredness I was feeling. Later when went home was washing the dishes and cleaning the vege, I could really really feel the effects. wow...

But I still find it amazing. Joanne has never been synonymous with sports. And sexiest managed to (just by inviting) to get me into it. I can say I actually love badminton. Hopefully (if they can book the court not 2-4pm) then I'll be joining them often :) But others ( eg swimming ) will come later...if they come. I cant swim / run for nuts...

And back home, was playing the black and white keys I love so much. Cannon in D (well, C key to be honest...)! and another song (which I couldnt finish...I'm noob la). :P Had so much joy in it :)

On another note...rotation posting schedule is out. And I have posting in KKB...and it spans over the weekend! no~ (coz KKB have to stay there unlike Gombak hospital). So how la wei.... TT

And before I forget, MEDT109 cg is starting tomorrow 12, pbl 23. Sorry I have lab at that time, but I wish you guys all the best. Go Nat! :) Support her k :)

Ok. need to catch up. (hopefully) Signing off :)

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