Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Blessed Birthday Chick

The chopsticks fella :P

Hey man, Happy 20th (sorry this is late). Bet you'll see this one day. Just wanna say you've been an amazing bro. One who's wacky, wise and so supportive. I know the road ahead doesn't look too smooth at times...and sometimes, we've gotta give up some things in order for better things... but remember He who is in you is greater than he of the world. And tho I cant see the future, I know the one who holds your (and my) future in His hands! :)

I know you as a man after His heart, one who is passionate in all you do. Someone who knows the boundaries, but knows how to have fun. And a guy with a big heart, who goes out of his way for friends and family. :) One who lives life, loves and studies / plays hard. :P

Happy Blessed Birthday brother , continue to shine brightly as you are, to be the light in the darkness and the hope in the hopeless. And stay wacky too! :D Blessed birthday again!



(well, as old as me)


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