Monday, April 6, 2009

Today was day. lols. haha, brought my camera as I had to take photos. so u noe...camwhore... *cough*

I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking. haha.
[in no particular order...coz of blogger's format. haiz ]

In class. Chong Sen and Sooky :)

Mr Smiley face and myself :)

A special thanks to Joyce and Sooky today for helping me out. Without you guys the task wouldn't have been completed. you guys rock to the max! :D :D :D

Posing in library! haha

Models... [MMS]

Individual photos.

My daddy, Eld.
Seriously you have to forgive this guy(my daddy. lols) he has no idea how to take photos (as in, be in 1)

look at his face! joyce is a natural tho :D

My lovely sister, Joyce :D

With Daddy 2, Wei Hoong.

With Alison :)

Not- so individual :P

What in the world am I doing with my silly coat? lol. clockwise: Michelle and her "ahhhh" face, Zeng freakin poser, me and dirty minded Hoong. LOLS

My amachi( grandma) and tatha (grandfather). honestly, they are like the best couple around. honestly! ;)

Look at Sooky trying to eat the rat. Hantaan Virus sooky! and Joyce "acting cool" (And Alison's "omg!" face...)

Haha, super poser photo. (one of my fav's as well) But nice ler! really! (my left and right hand woman. lols)

This is one of my fav photos of today. Sooky made an awesome observation - its either pink or white for the day. From left: myself, W. Hoong aka daddy 2; Eldwin aka Daddy 1; Tej aka tatha (grandfather) [look at the way he bends down so that he doesnt seem too tall...] and Joyce :)

Today I spent quality time with some people. I realised we love music! Haha was dancing and playing the piano with Wun Wun, Joyce, Mae Yee. Had loads of fun! (we should do it more often man) .

I realise I've come to love these people, every single one of them. For who and all they are. They each have their strengths whom I have much to learn from. Seriously, you guys RAWK!!! and you guys are the SEXIEST!! no competition! :D


~*JC*~ said...

I love u too Joanne aka sister~ muacks =)

IntrudeNotInMyPrivateSpace said...

hehe, i din see this one :)

*hugs* sister. all d best in studies...

you can do it! =D =D =D