Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sometimes I feel really sidelined...I know I'm no longer in charge...but I wasn't even notified of the meet today. Not just I'm not needed...I'm not wanted?

I really feel lonely right now. Probably coz the buildup of the day's pensiveness. And being agitated by my two brothers. Well, normal for them probably, the way they act...but I wasn't in a particularly bright and sunny mood. Hot tears just formed before I could stop it. Mercifully, no mortal saw me.

Is this part of growing up? This is not the first time I've heard that "the lesson I learnt is not to trust people so easily..."... what happened to the world? What happened to the kindness and "talk to me"? what happened to the "stick with you through thick and thin" ? Sometimes, I think it takes just someone to ask " how are you"... "are you really ok?". or maybe its just the way I'm wired :/

Maybe I just need a hug ='(

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