Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random pictures

Now that my comp is up again - [ although it seems like starting from stratch :'( ]

Left column says "pangsai" and right column "E*dwi*" and bottom is "Ah ma , 82 yrs old"
This is what happens when you become bored at the library. artist(s) names withheld to protect their identity :)
First (I think the only) unplanned sleepover at my place. its interesting to see people's sleeping habits. hahaha. they just had to leave a monument. (now i cant use the board :P )
Introducing the sweet gay couple - extramarrital (both have wives in the family tree). sigh. things that people do nowadays. :P
They are supposed to be my grandfather and father in the family tree. lol - dad sitting on granddad's lap...awww nice image no? ;)
the not-so-PDA (public display of affection) one. *clears throat*
These 2 are a part of the family we have here at the library. the seXIest gang family. Totally rawks. (yes, scandals are present too...just look at the pictures. lol)

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