Saturday, April 18, 2009

Somehow din't feel like updating this week. Although there were the minor details of the week, as usual. Reminders of the bitter and sweet; music and what-say-u's and all.

Some really outdated photos.

Location:Sunway Zenmai
Tag:this is what happens when you're too tall :/

Poser ;P (He doesnt even have to tiptoe!)

ISOW welcoming party (see how outdated the pic is). the tatha and the mommy. random photo.


Ruby and Hoong (mom and dad) playing with the rec function on the mp3. tell you, its hilarious when u listen back. "bangun pagi gosok gigi... basuh punggung something." ROTF!

Family photo. dad, mum, mae yee.

Dowan sit beside daddy.

Cheeky handsome dad + beautiful funny mom = stunning daughter
ps: ruby, dun kill me... XD

friday evening:

Mum thought of having an ice-cream.
(do you know how many shots i had to get before I could get 1 to post here lol ;) )

Dad. Doesn't he look nice here?
note: this is not an advert for the ice-cream brand...

So, do I look more like my paternal side or my maternal side? Haha comment!

Got no nice pics of me, whateva la. The classic tongue with the oreo flavoured ice-cream.

Bought ice-cream home for my youngest bro but he was sleeping. In an attempt to wake him up "oi, your ice-cream cold ady lah...." -________________-
(I meant melt. coz rice cold, dish cold, so ice-cream cold not lo...)

In another note, congrats Jade and Elvyna for being chosen as batch rep and cg leader m108 respectively :)

Belum buat AIR topic. Lazy and no mood! ish...due on monday...

I feel like I gave up/lost alot this year. I meanit both material and non-material wise. Sometimes I wonder whether its worth it....I guess I'll never know. Probably some things are more important than others...? Thinking so much that I don't need to. I realised that in my life tears is just so "real". tears are much a part of me. Probably everyone has seen me cry before :/
and I never realised somethings... somethings i guess i've learnt, to not let things be left hanging for the other person...Learning to be less a fish monger.
Lost my appetite countless times, lost my bubbly-ness (a lil) as well. I know I come across as more quiet nowadays. Perhaps I am? I'm not sure. Probably take things 1 step at a time as it comes... Who am I in You? What do I matter to people around me? To You?

My God never rejects. I am His beloved child He died for. for He loves me.
He is risen.

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