Thursday, April 30, 2009

Noise and Movement

Feel like jamming! lol so random...

Pictures( in no particular order). Yesterday and today :)

Carmen , Ruby

Melody (think she has food in her mouth :P )

Mommy / great-grand-mommy. same la haha :)
stress stress stress....look at the pimples showing...

Elvyna baked cupcakes...I had one. Thanks dear! It was really really amazing! =D

Dr Srikumar on drums. Really REALLY REALLY cool man :)
see people scrambling to take photos...all eyes on the cool lecturer :)

Stephanie. :)

Ms President Zia and Ms Social Concerns Ash :)

Sufi, Zia, Ash :) (kidding, its in my blogroll la)

Sam and Sarawaturi Shun aka Chong Sen. They can pose too! :O
Forgive the shaky pic

Sam, the president and her ultimate enemy. XD

How it looked from 3rd floor.

In the library...

Mommy Genna and beautiful Sofiah :)
Just realised this photo very muhhibah. Seriously!

Badminton, lunch, library chatting/ studying etc. Each moment spent is a moment treasured. :) To look back brings a smile to my face. The reassuring thought of knowing I have you guys "watching my back". haha. True friends... knowing that I can be myself without pretending / mess up and yet still have you guys love me as who I am... Truly love is unconditional, transcends skin colour, looks, age, gender, etc. Love you guys too! :D You guys rock my life! =D

Blessed to know each and every one of you. :)

On another note, the award ceremony with the group pic came out on theSun papers! *screams*. Guess who first noticed? Daddy Eld! :O Ruby called me...but I was coming down just at the same moment. Gosh... Its just... Haha congrats to the others too :) here's the link to the webpage. :)

Wait upon the Lord, and He will renew your strength...
...They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not grow faint.

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