Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy 200+ posts.
feeling emo today
not sure why

I din know I blogged so much.
Feel like I hit rock bottom... emotions and hope and all
I am just...tired? frustrated?

Just random rambling on this post.
I miss the fun times of the past... find myself just drifting away so many times...
I feel bit disconnected. esp when I'm alone.

General malaise I think.
you know some of pple's remarks are really hurtful.
you don't know how much my heart is crying right now.

Coupled with the ups and downs of the moods and emotions.
Air mata bergelut di tepi kelopak. Tangisan hatiku tak kedengaran.
Did I really lose myself this much?

PBL tomorrow. Combined. No idea bout the next learning issue -____-
Probably its true that when you start growing,you start thinking.
I want it to be beneficial thinking...

Its 12.30 am already....
I know I'm gonna surface from the storm. Bit by bit if need be.
Life doesn't just revolve around this. I know.

I'm still sitting here...
To escape into the Santuary that reminds me that I'm His and His alone...
To be reminded that my self worth is found in Him.
To remember to cling on to Him,even when faith doesn't make sense...

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