Monday, January 21, 2008

Outing, Ice- skating, movie...

Ice skating! Woo hoo! My first time ice skating, Daniel's as Pyramid (Duh,where wlse..) Was kinda fearful at first....but thanks to my sifu's Nicholas and Sher Lin, I *ahem announce that I *ahem clears throat can skate! Woo hoo!
Ps: "Sifu must me there okay? Or else fall on my bum bum =( or worst, elbow,knee...

Cam whored a little, especially during resurfacing of ice... Below are a few of the "nicer" ones... hehe =)
Dan's attempt at skating, so terror...Fuyoh stylistnya...
Blurness redefined
The yeah-I-can-skate-duh look
The underdogs. Emo-ing.
An attempt to attain ice-skating wisdom?
The Pro's...showing off
The student (middle) + the sensei's at the side - Sensei Nicholas San and Sensei Sher Lin San
Random photos, coz all dunno how to be "natural"
The ice-skating gang, also the very people I love to bits
The Pros wannabe.

Sad that Rachel could not make it, missed her la. But it was cool ice-skating, save for the blisters that Daniel got, and the painful knocks none of us were spared...Awesome!

Followed by the Gameplan movie, it was an absolutely fantastic way to spend the day. And oh, the movie is fabulous. No doubt by Walt-Disney and still has the typical happily-ever-after ending,but this reality(sorta) based movie got us laughing at its antics, frustrated at certain points, and of course touched..They should actually release this in conjunction with Father's day.
The King. He never says no.

Go watch it. =)

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