Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Leader

Meant to write this for nearly half a year...or longer. oh well.

The 3 things about a leader

1. obey - a leader is obedient. to his/her own superior/ leader/ higher authority

2. willing - a leader is willing to go the extra mile to serve,willing to give up things for a higher purpose

3. not perfect - a leader is not perfect. they make mistakes. A leader can fall too. BUT a leader recognizes his / her mistakes, apologizes , and strives to improve.

The traits of a leader -RAA

responsibility -the sense of responsibility, the feeling of ownership...

authority - He/ she knows his/her power and will carry out duties according to it. while not explioting their powers they know when and where to use their authority...

accountability - to a wiser and more mature + experienced leader / mentor. Helps one to keep on track.

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