Sunday, February 17, 2008

The trigger

As the images of the Palestinians suffering was shown through television,and the newscaster read that the doctors suspect nuclear weapons being used as means to silently but surely wipe out the Palestine's, my heart ached for them. Many of them are innocent,have done nothing wrong.

Irregardless of my faith and what many think about "we should support....", I maintain that killing a.k.a taking another's life voluntarily is unacceptable. Strip the reasons, excuses, minus the post-brandishing and I-am-better/stronger-than you mentality...we are all equal. Born equal, have the same rights. All have the same rights to live,to survive, to strive and to succeed. All of us. No one,no excuse, can give us the right to kill, to murder. Nothing.

And I know that things are not gonna stay this way forever. I believe that God's heart aches when He sees His children killing each other, sees His creation suffering. And He WILL do something. I believe.

And meanwhile,I do my best, not just keeping the Palestinians in thoughts and prayers but in introspection asking myself many questions, eg - am I much better? Do I give when I have nothing myself? Do I know the value of family, friends, loved ones? Do I value life,when some people do not even hope to have a tomorrow? Do I treasure the peace, seeing that some have not a moment but is chastised at all times? And do I give thanks for all I have? Am I as desperate for God as they are? Do I love as they do?

I have much to give thanks for. I have much to give,share,care. I have my family,friends,loved ones and many more whom I deeply love,and cherish. And much more. I have peace,I have hope, I have life, and live abundantly. Because I have God.

God,thank You fore everything. I want to live as if I have no tomorrow,to love with all my heart and all I am.
Take me to the place higher than I, to see people and things through Your eyes.

One day every tongue will confess You are God, One day every knee will bow.

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