Monday, August 17, 2009

Random stuff

Saw an ad for adult art classes. So felt like going for it. I like art, deep down. (Yes, although I cant draw. Sooky can attest to that :p ) but well, don't think my parents will like the idea.

Am done with dermatology electives. Sooky has more pictures than I do, but I'll post what I have soon...hopefully. haha. not crazy over blogging lately.

Things to do: clear bed, clear table (hardly possible , knowing myself), do elective report, wash hair tomorrow... ... ...

Back from homestay too. at sabak bernam, in a place called sungai dorani. Did I enjoy myself? Yes. Did I get new experiences? Definitely. Would I go back / recommend the place? Sure. the highlight for me was the batik chanting. (well, I got to colour batik for real. :) I love art wert... )

Am pretty tired of the animals around / in the house. cats, dogs, etc...u name it. "pitiful" cries and soil diggers who make one's blood boil is so not entertaining.

Should have slept ages ago. Chiao


Rachel Jia Min Eng said...

hehehe got update ler...

what sort of art classes is it? n ur parents wont like it...cos of cost, right? paints can be ex.

ahahaha cats and dogs!!ure not still at the hmstay r u?

Joanne Lee said...

apparently you werent the only one saying i got no update ;p

well, adult art classes. haha u noe la, i like art. i think my parents will want me to focus on my studies and not go for these things that "waste time". apart from the cost, that is.

cats and dogs annoying! -___- honestly, there is a limit where "pitiful cries" go on and on becoming a nuisance. yuccckkkkssss. no came back already. been procrastinationg on soooo many stuffs! haha ;p