Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Won't deny that I did feel disappointed for a moment. Mild disappointment maybe, but there was a little.

Found out that there was supposed to be a meeting tomorrow. I would have thought that I'll be informed, even if the meeting is postponed. But as it is, its the authority of whoever who is higher to do what is he/she pleases, no?

Maybe I'm getting a lil worked up over something small. Reason being that when I do something ,I just want to do my very best. I expect at least some form Well maybe it isn't a trust issue, but I thought that at least the decisions made, at least I would know of it. Not having to get worked up and find out from a third party.

Not angry, but again wondering. Why do I always commit my best, give my best to whatever I do. Maybe I should pick and choose. Is this one?

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