Wednesday, July 1, 2009



All I can say -Thank You.
All You are, all You've done.
You're the great I am.
The way you sent friends, bros and sizs to comfort and encourage me. always at the right times.
The way the arrangements, OSPE and OSCE today the starting / continuing stations order.
The way Sam would pop out from no where to lend me a short ruler even when he din't know he had( although I din't need to use it).
Divine coincidence?

I know I'm not the best student ever.
But with all I am I try to try.
Studying, practicing etc.
I don't think I can ever compare, but I still strive.
Sometimes knowing I still will make the same mistake.
Even through the tears and frusration.

Exams were not "fabulous".
Neither can I say I did fantastically.
But it was Your peace, that surpasses all understanding.
Your joy, knowing that this is not my game,but Yours.
Your presence, just keeping me going through the serious nervousness and fear.
All these kept the smile on my face.
The genuine laughter not faked.
The smile on my face after exams, not because I had done well.
But because I know You hold my future, whatever it may be.
Your thoughts are not my thoughts, Your ways are not my ways.
As the heavens is higher that the earth, so are Your thoughts above mine.
Your eternal, unfailing love that makes me wonder.

You are my God, there is no other.
The One I love, whom loved me long before I ever was created.
The One who knows me more than I can ever know myself.
Its a quiet love that runs deep within, a sense of thankfulness and one of gratitude as well.
It is You. It is for You. =)

Got a pleasant surprise from mommy Ruby on monday - my very own sunflowers bouquet!
Was overjoyed, couldn't stop smiling every time I thought of it - in the exam hall! haha.
So beautiful everyone thought it was fake to begin with.
Its still standing in my room! =) *hugs*
Mommy you rock!!! =D =D =D

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