Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8th July

8th July in a nutshell

Went to uni. Heard Tun Dr Mahathir speak and have a dialogue with students. Wish it was longer, but ahh well.

The 4th Prime Minister with a 22 year reign

Took Rachel on a tour in the medical museum. Wonder how she felt, seeing models of the human body, preserved fetus specimens...and stuffed rats ;/

I think she was quite intrigued by the models that can be taken apart...

Had ice-cream in uni (no pics!) then went to Mid Valley later on. Lunch (no pics again!) :/ and then in the concourse we saw a big "sunflower garden" (I know its fake but so beautiful! ) :D :D :D

Yep you can guess whose idea it was to take a photo :D

Sat at a coffeehouse(of some sort) for toast and tea. I was wondering mine was so limey until I realised...I ordered lime juice! :P

Haha I love the smiles on out faces :)
(tho mine as usual cacated ;p)

Caught Ice Age 3 as well. Cool movie. A lil predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Pic of the day :)

As Rach put it "we just sat down and it seemed like we just warmed up and then suddenly it was over..."


Rachel Jia Min Eng said...

aha i cant comment on ur chatbox so jz wanna say,
"love ur take on our meet"
and "enough photos ar?"


Joanne Lee said...

whats up with the chatbox? cant access?

haha but comments are fine :)

enough photos? haha overflooded with photos oso quite weird rite... go to my fb and u will see i got tagged at the tun dr M's talk, and you sitting beside me. my expressions are weird... urs...erm...