Thursday, February 4, 2010

Warm pink and fuzzy /Happy Very Belated Birthday Ash

Warm pink and fuzzy

It was an interesting day today. Stay tuned to find out why :)

Went out with Ashvini, Sooky, Angeline, Esther and Sam today. we first went for sushi, then watched tooth fairy :) Too bad we din't take a group pic before everyone left.

Then the 3 of us continued berjalan-jalaning. Surprisingly, the mood was more geared up for Chinese new year than valentines. I hardly saw any valentine's promotion etc.

This was the atrium's deco. very warm and festive Chinese new year decoration. Even the lighting totally complements its right!

The Chinese oriented decoration with two hot ladies, both with colours contrasting each other - one dressed for Chinese new year and its not the one who celebrates! :P

Green and pink cats ....wait... its a tiger? *cue gasp* haha very "cute" tigers indeed

I think you're fiercer than the 2 tigers put together :P i totally think its a very pretty picture :)

Sooky, Ash and me :) Pretty picture!! :) The photos above are really in-the-mood(cny la) and really warm + pretty! I like :)

And yes. Whats so interesting?? Apparently, after the lala snowman, the Lala gang has found its very own new Chinese new year mascot - pink tiger. Very cool huh. Now... isn't' that interesting? XD :P

Went for ice cream after that. (The other paparazzi photos are in facebook :P ) Chocotops and vanilla(my favourite)

Happy Very Belated Birthday Ash
And this is a dedication to my no.1 gay lover :P and good friend. :) Happy 18th birthday (for the ? time) and I love you :) *whoa...public declaration of love?* This is not a mushy post with tear-stained-proof of undying love tho :P

Its just a Lil note to say (coz I don't say it often) that I think you're beautiful inside and out, and love you just the way you are. And that I appreciate you and the many little/ big things you do, going the extra mile and all :) I'm sorry I don't even know what to get for you for yr birthday! :O

Lunch @ Secret recipe on that special day. :) So happy with her mozzarella fish she's dreamy already:P

But being the OCD that I am, must take a "perfect" picture. Hence the satu mata besar, satu mata kecil look :P But its a beautiful pic I must say ;)

My "fav" pic of the day (coz i got so many favourite pictures!) Behold the ultimate shopaholic :P This is how a shopaholic looks - multiple bags in hand,even clutching to her favourite Garden's curry puff. :P

Happy Birthday my dear :)
May this year be an amazing and awesome one, better than the last :)

Lots of love,


nichole said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. So cheerful! And I love your blog header.

Such a sucker for converse. :)

Joanne Lee said...

Hi! :) you have a lovely blog yourself. all the pictures are so pretty! :)

and ah yes...the shoes :) a must-have for everyone huh :)

thanks for dropping by ! :)