Thursday, January 21, 2010

January's the birthday month :) esther

January's the birthday month :)

I got a surprise by none other than Esther this morning, right after I was done with the behavioral science video taping. :) When I met her this morning, she handed me a bag with my belated birthday gift inside! =D

Inside was a blue blankie, which looked ALOT like a baby blanket :) I heart! haha. It came with a lovely handwritten heartfelt message and a blue paper clip. Esther remembers my partiality towards the colour blue =D

Look how adorable she is! *hearts* She's one of a kind, talented and smart, beautiful on the outside and inside, and someone whom is real, not fake :)
*psst guys, she's still single. Tell me if u're interested XD better hurry!*

Thank you Esther ... for the blankie :) And more importantly, for our friendship :) One that is nice and warm, pretty and real! :) You go girl, go out and shine for the world to see, show them how you can beat them in nearly almost everything! =D

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BeN'Z said...

i totally agree with you! she's an awesome friend!

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