Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sexiest 2010 birthday

A Dedication to Sexiest...the people who rock my life :)

I know this is REALLY belated. But I've wanted to post this up for very long now. This post is specially dedicated to Sexiest - thank you for making my days special :) You guys hold a special place in my heart...and I think you know that :)

8th of January was Eldwin's (Daddy!) birthday. *plays the happy birthday song...happy belated birthday daddy!* And of course, as usual, Sexiest had already put together a "Surprise". the reason being that the more people involved, the more the birthday boy would suspect. haha. and he did already know. *geez....what surprise la lol*

Birthday cake reading: Happy 21th birthday Eldwin and Joanne

But that, apparently was not the only surprise. They decided to do a "double celebration", in other words giving me a belated birthday celebration. After singing happy birthday to Eldwin they started singing "happy birthday" for the second time...and I knew it :') I cannot tell you how touched I was. :)

...Sexiest even got me my very own acoustic guitar!
(which I had wanted since form 2 and was planning to buy JUST before they got me one)

It was a simple celebration, but heart warming. It reminded me one of the reason's why I love people. :) I'm truly blessed to be able to love and be loved. and as always...

The pretty ladies in my life - Melody, Ruby, Siew See :)

Sexiest... you're all HOT ! haha =D =D =D

Somehow I like this picture the best...it looks natural, not posed.
and I heart my guitar :) But I heart Sexiest even more :)

Gasp...I'm 21 already? *the horror* hahaha I think not, I'm just 18..for the 4th time :)

*All pictures credits to Tay - one of the most brilliant photographers around. :)

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