Monday, January 11, 2010

gp posting

GP(General Practitioner) Posting Day 1 - My Side of the Story

I just read a friend's comment that "GP Posting is a waste of time" on fb. Aha. Whether it is, or it's not, its a necessary part of IMU's medical education curricular.

Caution: This is going to be a picture-less post.

11-15th Jan, I'm "attached" to a clinic near my place, Dr Leow's Clinic.

The pro's:
- Doing attachment with a good friend, Ash definitely is the best :) I couldn't have picked a better partner. Lunch was fun, chit chatting and just talking bout anything - friends, love, relationships, our doctor, and many other things under the sun :)
- The doctor is "cute" la. Aha. In Ash's words, very "grandfather" like. The way he answers the phone with a strained "hallow"; the "kambing" (what people call donkey he uses goats instead XD) and the bs's .
- We can come and leave ANYTIME. like the doctor said, we're "not critical to the clinic's practice" XD

The con's:
- Waking up early. Don't like Don't like Don't like!!!
- Standing. I mean , we could get a stool and sit la. but then the place is like so small and cramped. Aha. We stood from 9-12.45 today in the morning, then a lil' more in the noontime.

Let me tell you more bout our GP doctor. Hahaha. Firstly, he's really really nice. He allows you to ask any question :) And then when a patient comes in, he assesses the patient from a "clinician" point of view, and hence , the diagnosis commonly is "stress" and "allergy / irritable bowel due to stress".

Its very amusing as well that when we came back after lunch, we heard chinese oldies tunes playing, presumably from his laptop. (This doc is a tech junkie... he uses the comp for EVERYTHING. and he still has his old pc's dating back to pentium II and older the music is the ones that people can use to "excercise" or "practice qi gong/ kung fu" with. You can imagine Ash and I trying our very best to keep our laughter in while listening to the music..and imagining people "hu" *sword waves* "ha" *steady tai chi strokes* XD

Lets see how day 2 goes :)

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