Thursday, January 7, 2010

09 no regrets

10 Things I enjoyed back in 2009

Of course, there were many things I enjoyed. And there was also the up's and downs. These were some of the "up's" , in no particular order.

#1. Orientation M109. Alongside 3 other brilliant comrades, taking up the postition of dress code officer. Also orientating Group 11- Sexiest. Sexiest became my family and hangout, a place where somehow...the group had alot of chemistry. Sexiest - you guys rock :)

Sexiest - toothbrush mania .
The task (to get my signature) was to brush each other's teeth (with toothpaste!) while singing "old macdonald had a farm, eiyah e-yah o" - Hilarious! haha
And all done out of good fun

#2. Choosing literature as my selective - It was a "Dream come true" since I wanted literature even before I entered IMU itself. I enjoyed every moment of it - even writing the reports both with a partner and by myself - and of course the play where I was given the chance to emcee and perform a self composed song.

Fatin, Sandip, my partner the hot young oracle Angeline - scenes after the play

#3. KKB posting! It was very much like a school trip,albeit much more fun. Esp like going to the ER (even at nights) and watching the MA's and doctors at work. I even got to do an IV drip and administer medication! (dropped my first syringe lol) Learnt alot, and it was really refreshing + reenergizing. I guess I like clinicals alot :)

In KKB women's dorm (which is dirty) which buddy Ida -she even got to do sutures :)

#4. Going for the Kampung Angkat project. I know its a one day (half day! ) thing, but it was a good time to mingle with friends, and be "exposed" to the rural areas, where children don't know the names of their mothers. And hey, I got a free t-shirt ;)

The banner of the Kg Angkat project with Zia, Hasni, Sooky and June

#5. Going for the Homestay program by Malay cultural society @ Sg Dorani. Definitely a refreshing trip with lots of scenery and new kg style stuff like painting batik (I love!!!) especially after staring at the computer for ages. (what else does one do at home??) Love meeting new people, (trying to) learn and understand new cultures.

@Sungai Dorani

#6. IMU Cup. Being secretary of Hydra house (more like forced into it? lol). Scrabble. Especially darts. It was a good experience both learning teamwork and leading as a captain. Silver medal? In my heart, we're ALL winners. Nobody cares what placing the other got in the end. It was the many new friendships fostered and the experiences in which the team stuck with and encouraged one another that really brings back treasured memories.

My beloved darts team - bittersweet success. You guys are the bombs :)

#7. Maxis Scholarship. Truthfully it was a road that was also "up and down" for this one...but the experiences of being selected for interviews, and finally getting the email that says "congratulations was sorta just the beginning. It was also a time of meeting new and great people, fellow scholars. Had a lot of fun at the photoshoot with these pple, getting to know them. Then there was the awards ceremony, in which I was rubbing my eyes the WHOLE TIME due to the frickin mascara.

Maxis Photoshoot. Smart pple :)

#8. Art festival. Emceeing alongside a good friend Eldwin. (Ash, when're we going to emcee together?!?) It was again, a good experience. I remember when I was younger my passion / desire /dream has always to be emcee. Somehow I feel its funny - I love emceeing and yet I feel like I am always at a lost for words, like I'll say something stupid and doesn't make sense...haha.

#9. Orientation M209. Got to know a bunch of more reserved (compared to sexiest) - but still great bunch of people. Bro's and sis's - one who kononnya looks like me! haha long lost bro

Chill@ Variety night + OO's aka Sexiest

#10. Last but definitely not least. Meeting and getting to know my beloved friends out there. Its one thing to meet new people. But it's also another thing to really get to know them and to find out that they are your friends. True friends, some who encourage, some who cheer you up, some who entertain you and all who are there when you need them. All my friends - you know who you are - thank you for being a blessing and an immense encouragement in my life. Sooky, Chong Sen, Ashvini, Sam and the Lala gang, Esther, Sexiest, Sandip and more - you guys make my life more colourful, entertaining definitely, and more meaningful :)

...I've got alot to be grateful for :)

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