Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thanks Ash

Dear everyone,

Thank you for your birthday wishes :) Yes I'm 21 and ready to roll (lol, so not true).

I wanna thank everyone who wished - called, messaged, wrote on my fb wall etc :) thank you for taking the trouble to wish :) Specially those who remembered - from Australia, from someone bout to leave to Singapore in an hour who still called and many many more.

And of course to the family who loved me so much to get an expensive cake despite having no fridge space and going out all the way to buy it. :) Thank you for loving me for who I am.

and to those who took the time to write personal msges ...and even write me a poem - heartfelt thanks! :) *hearts Ash*

The poem is really good - cant believe its for me! :O

Childhood like a distant boat,

Course taken, others wrote.
Rebelled from your chosen way,
Winds and waves aided; youth astray.

Swan-like elegance, grew-up brisk,
Memories remain on a disk.
Unique and random, cannot deny,
With each passing day - Glorify!

Now at the age of twenty-one,
Life has truly just begun.
Hope an
d wish, your dreams come true,
Along the way, a gorgeous view

Happy 21st bday Joanne. And as you so aptly put it RAWK.

Thank you all of you who made me smile! you guys really make this life more meaningful... you're the butterflies and sunflowers that colour my life beautiful. I love you all too ! :)

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