Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19 th Jan 11

Today was a good day.

SOPD (Surgical Outpatient Department) we had about 8 cases or so, and all were pretty interesting. It was a wide variety of stuff where you finally go "ooh, yeah I know bout this!" in a day. And I was happily flipping through past Ultrasound scans of normal and pathological images of kidneys, bladders, prostate... falalalala

Then had MacD for lunch - I probably wouldn't go back there in a long time...everything has shrunken in size. not worth the money d lah >:( ...then went and got SHOES!!! :D something that I like, and at a cheap aka reasonable price I would pay for. Makes the pair of shoes I bought last Sat (a few days ago) look ex(pensive) lah. But cant un-buy the whatever lah! :D

Then had suturing class. Loved it - it rocks! Suturing on chicken skin with surgical stuff...haha love the feel :D 

Went for badminton but was pretty much tired out at the end of the day. Ah well, a day well spent :) 

Till next time

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