Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Of Good Friends who Defies the Law of Distance

Of Good Friends who Defies the Law of Distance

Beautiful girls in my life =)
Managed to take a pic :) Just because you're not here doesn't mean you're less awesome ok.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder...but in my limited experience, sometimes the fire just dies out too. You know, LDR's...your "I'll never forget u my high school bff!!!" stuff...

Met up with many juniors and friends at IMU last friday. met them in bout less than 3 hours, with the few only few 10s of minutes...but it was really awesome to see their faces, to hear their voices and to talk to them face to face...certainly there were some changes( like the original plan of jamming tak jadi)...but it was a great time of catching up and just "rekindling" the fire of friendship with these awesome awesome people. These are my beautiful friends, who make an enormous impact in my life. :)

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