Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Close 2 exams

Its close to exams (Again), and I's supposed to be studying. BUT, I'm distracted. just can't concentrate, can't tahan the fact that i chose not to go for the "Extra class" this morning which was 2.5hrs and was supposedly very helpful.arrgh. ah well. whats done can't be not in harry potter world.

A friend was telling me about a lecturer's outburst on the recent protesting in KL, and was "aiming her anger towards the non malays". at the same time, she said the young generation only knows how to complain, only knows how to yell "migrate"... "u don't wanna stay, you blah je" (basically, go away) "see which country wants to accept you". for me, the demonstatrators were just making a statement, standing up for what they believe in. People used to say that the young generation doesn't care. Now that they do, they do it loud and strong. For me, I feel that a lecturer (or anyone for that matter) should never outrightly judge and condemn others for their choices...its simply unprofessional to say the very least. especially someone in the education field. You can vent your anger, but not like that, no?

So yeah, stuff like that used to bother me. Now, I just tell others that "we bring it out through actions - the ballot box". thats our responsibility, thats what we can and should do.

I had a fb friend who wrote on her status ".. Who the hell changed the name Tanah Melayu to Malaysia? Things wouldn't have become so difficult to explain if the name of the country itself was never changed." if you ask me, this statement is downright ...I'm not gonna say it here lah. Enough to say that to many parts of the world, the other colours skin will always be "Pendatang" who is here to "Steal their stuff - land money position etc". And there were a couple of "likes" on the status.

I should study. Bye.

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