Saturday, May 18, 2013


When one first starts a posting, there's something called "tagging". And unlike what  I used to understand about tagging, here(at least) the system is different.

tagging= doing the same thing as the off tag people, the difference is the longer working hours(to train one?) and the "leeway" they give you when you make a mistake "sorry boss i still tagging".

My MO said I'm really "gan geong" (flustered), should get my TFT done. but then hor, if I relax n lengah lengah, things don't get done, I'm gonna get scolding anyway!

Slowly getting used to "life". 

On my "off" day, and yawning away...seriously hutang tidur memang need to bayar even if I resist.

I havent watched ironman 3. I havent done so many of my fav things in a looong time. 

Just wanna rant.

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