Friday, May 24, 2013


Haha, the happiest thing I'm happy to announce this week: I have officially off tagged! :D

I off tagged on Wednesday, just before my specialist left for a conference / talk. Was planning to off tag the day before, but I was stuck in a procedure (pleural tap) when my specialist left.

So on Wednesday, when I heard he was going off by 10am, I was like, I'LL ASK HIM NOW, ITS NOW OR NEVER!!! hahaha. So I asked him.

And then he saw my tagging paper "ok alot of cases", then he asked me "Who signed yr paper?" I replied an MO's name. He proceeded to ask my MO, who say should be ok but she was not in charge of me.

Next he looked for my MO in charge of me for the past few weeks, and when he couldn't find her, he called her. I was a wreck of nerves. Haha! Thank God my MO let me through. Which means I'm OFFICIALLY OFF TAG!!

The difference is that now on passive days, I can go back at 9pm if I've finished my work. If on active days I'll still try to stay and help out. It's really crazy on an active day, the admissions comes in streams -.-

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