Sunday, December 1, 2013


I cant believe I havent written anything for..more than half a year?! Thats how long I've been working..(well a little earlier than that la)

Its true that when you work,you no longer possess the freedom you once had as a student. It's true that work sucks the life out of you,and you feel like your life is work,eat,sleep(if you're lucky eat and sleep well,if not its just grab-a-bite-and-go +2-3 hrs sleep).

And then there are those extremely demanding grumpy and grouchy patients. I understant that you're tired and sick,but please dont vent it out on makes our mood bad and spoils the day for us too,you know. We are just trying our level best to make you feel better.

Sometimes I wonder whyyyyyyy I chose this profession. I could be sitting at home reading magazines and doing make up and manicures...

Sigh. *vent vent vent...*

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