Tuesday, May 27, 2008

during pbl (18 sx)

those who are below 18, pls click the "X" on the top right corner now.
but if you did not... ;p

you have been warned =]

random quotes during pbl:

men bald in front think alot,
men bald behind (supposedly) are sexy,
men totally bald think they are sexy.

girls giggle then their hips wiggle.

don't you find it funny that:
when you ask a standard 6 boy (12 years old) whether they have a girlfriend they go:
"ewwwww!!!! yuck!!!! gross!!!!! never!!! .....!" then sticks out their tongue and runs away


when you ask them the same question when they are 16, form 3, they go:
"wooo....yeahhhhh mannnnnnn......................." *eyes brighten up (or nonchalantly, whateva, like its a norm kinda thing)


mammals, eg chimpanzees have period/mestruation too, you know?

which animal(mammal) has a bone in the penis?
answer: a whale.

answer: coz they are always under water for long periods , so water pressure is high....and so vasodilation cannot occur, and erection cannot occur.
(no erection = no reproduction = no baby's = no celebration during mother /father's day = sad for whole life...? ) ;p

How mysterious is nature, how much we know not...

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