Monday, May 5, 2008

About colourful and "cute" things

Yes...about colourful and cute with you? =)

Went shopping in last month, and guess what I saw on the racks? To celebrate mother's day and teacher's day,the racks were full of all these colourful, softtoys, makeshift stuffs, synthesized items etc... and as i had only enough to window shop, i did. =) And I throughly enjoyed it.
First up were the flowers. Oh wait, "flowers". Always been a common yet beautiful gift...what more that now it is going to be "eternal" and "everlasting"?
But it's beautiful,honestly. I like it :]
Hand made(factory made,I'm sorry) small green flowers
The roses I put in a cup...see I so creative right? (haha I know i a lil syiok sendiri)
Roses - red,pink and yellow
More pink roses
Smiley face flower - beautiful =)
With multi coloured heart shaped petals...awesome :]
...Sleeping flowers?
And the picture I set as my backdrop:
Now comes the not-so-everlasting flowers...but just as beautiful,if not more. You know, a pot of real flowers cost RM9.90. And with deoration as below,it becomes RM16.90. I'll say buy the pot of flowers and do your own wrapping - or grow your own. :]
But to be entirely honest, the "eternal" flowers are beautiful...but it can NEVER compare with REAL flowers...Just a few days before,I stepped foot into a florist. The long stemmed red roses caught my attention. Call me stupid, as "flowers fade", we all know...but the explicit beauty of nature that no one can match or even come close to recreating is always a girl's gream...including mine.One day.... *wistful feeling
Then came the "micillandous" stuffs:
This one random - I just liked the design,actually from the bottom part of a card...
The came the "soft toys" and co. First up - Russ bear. Delicate - and costs alot.
The came the racks and racks of bears and dogs and all the soft toys I wish to own...but never can. Where to store them? And most of all,WHO will pay? (Coz I know I won't...not worth it la ;p)
Awwwww awesome right?me likey :]
And more...
The last of the lot...?
Technically,not "soft",and not "toys". But those who know me well enough know I am obsessed with adorable bears and likes... which explains the picture below. XD
I am a lil appalled by the way "youngsters" dress nowadays... its not like the shopping mall is a ball or something...(I wanted to take a pic of the other gurl more sexily dressed,but did not want to intrude on their privacy). Low cut,short skirts(the other one,hidden) it necassary?

Ideas for gifts: A notepad and a beautifully tied ribbon:
Made me think of someone(scribbles) when I saw this. I wish I knew how to do this...(DIY)...At least where to get the materials...
And before I forget....
To someone special...
My mom...
Mum,this one is for you(if you're reading this):
a lil "appeciation stone"?
For you,mom. Happy Mother's day in advance.

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