Monday, April 28, 2008

The far off journey

Was at Sepang, near KLIA...and as I left with my family, I saw a plane fly by... somehow filling me with immense sadness. I was reminded that one day I would be the one flying off to complete my education abroad,leaving my family...for a few years at the very least.

At that moment my feelings alone could not express the mixture of feelings I felt inside. Yes, its still early, some say... but 3 years flies. and now, its just 2.5 years more?

Made me think and appreciate,if not more than ever, the time I have in Malaysia. To eat the roti canai's, roti jala's, chicken rice even, mum's cooking, chinese kuey teow mee hoon soup, dim sum etc...

I know whatever I say now, I 'm surely gonna miss my home, miss the comfort, miss the familarity. I know then, just like now, gonna struggle holding back my tears, thinking bout whats up back home and what I'm missing.

And I'm doing my best to savour it all now.

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