Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Just restarted my computer 3 times,each time waiting bout 2 mins...simply coz my computer isnt compatible with my thumbdrive. so, no pictures. *shakes head

Learning bout stuffs that I find interesting each day. did you know when you say "i love you from the depths of my heart" , you mean "from the heart valves"? (if i am not wrong...those medical students who do read pls correct me)...and the heart pumps blood, but gives no emotion! maybe, just maybe, in the future we will be saying "I love you from the depths of my brain, the serebrum to be exact...." Oh, and the lecturer sang in class, before the lecture. Apparently it is a very old song. But no wonder. This lecturer is older (than us anyway), has loads of experience and of course, the songs will come from his era...
"My heart is is Rosa Ria..."

IMU is crazy. Oh,I mean,the schedule.
Tuesday(yesterday) - Campus Friends Welcoming party
Thursday(tommorrow) - Music Club Welcome party
Friday(next next day) - Hellen Keller Welcome party ( actually I did not sign up, but I wanna go for the sign language class, so might as well go and know people)
Next Tuesday - AMSA Welcoming Party.

Ah, the craze.

More awesome than I know...More than enough for me

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