Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thank You

It was yesterday that I realised the value of a who takes the time to care, to listen, to share...who truly understands and not lip-service...who through actions show me that I'm not alone in this walk where the end of the tunnel sometimes cannot be seen by our limited hindsight. It takes faith, it takes courage, it takes confidence...which needs time and care to build up.

In retrospect, I have friends who really care for me - friends who love me for who I am and all I am, imperfect as I am. And I am truly grateful for the absence of judgemental spirit and instead the warmth, love and care that they shower in my life, the joy that they all bring.

Oh, I know I am far-nie. Too farnie at times, that you hold your hands to your head, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. I understand. Because you all know that laughter is the best medicine...and sometimes giving something for everyone to laugh about, breaks the tensions, everyone becomes happier~...

And it definitely helps when it comes to adjusting. Yup,had lectures on stress, and managing stress. Somehow, though, I think those who are lecturing are also under some kind or another of stress. Unavoidable. The key is how we deal with it, how we decide to view it -positively? turn it into a drive to motivate us on?

A few years ago, I went for an international competition. The director was nice, and as I bumped into him that morning, I told him that "I had butterflies in my stomach". Later ,during the opening ceremony, he spoke and sayed "there was this young lady who spoke to me about butterflies in her you know that you can convert it into positive energy?" kinda stuff. But I tell you, it was the friends with me, who supported and smiled when I made the worst mistakes - the friends who encouraged me, never to give up...

The friends then and now who encouraged me, and am still encouraging me to persevere - thank you. You may not know it, but you have further renewed my strength to continue walking on, and I thank you for that.

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