Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some random stuff

Hmmm,havn't blogged for quite a while. just pensive, many things going through my mind...just as we all rush through life.

Oh, I have a few pictures to post up. sayang-nya not uploaded yet.

Was reading chicken soup for the unsinkable....and couple soul. and i realised how much i really treasure, how much i really am blessed. so many times we wander through life, trying to make it go faster...but not slowing down to savour its presence.

And when I realised that there is still true love to be found in this world...I just was(and am still) so, so touched. When all the negative things start to seep in slowly...all I actually need to do is to look at a different perspective, to look up at the sky perhaps, to look at my handphone... *winks

Suddenly the world doesn't seem so glum anymore. :]

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