Monday, March 31, 2008

Random stuff, thoughts, etc.

Setting: toilet / outside the toilet
dad:who's inside?
me: me! me-e-e! (spells out loud)
dad: ok then, curry up!
(seriously, its cool wei)

Asked myself, what is love? how to define love(in layman terms)
for me, when you are able to think of that someone even when you're crying, and still smile through your tears; and when you think of that someone and life gives me, that is love. :D

I know I know. My blog theme is pink.
Yeah yeah yeah...I know. the blog is PINK. VERY surprising, especially that it comes from the least likely I see some rolling eyes, some open mouths, some incredulous looks....
But then no other colour suits the whole ideal one would be blue but it doesn't work, even pastel and some other colours have rendered unusable results... My picture fits tho, the shirt is pink *looks hopeful
(Come on Joanne you expect that to pacify them?!?!)

So many people ask me: How is uni?
um...too early to tell. still adapting. but its fine. need to work out my studying and all though...a little backwards :s

Malaysian drivers(some of them) are not civilised.
I'm sorry, its not a general statement. Not meant to be. But some Malaysian drivers have absolutely no manners, some have no respect, or even the slightest regard for beings that share the road with them. We all wanna get home fast, and we understand the frusration when caught in a jam...but doesn't that make the people who wait patiently(and not so patiently,but still stay in line) look foolish? Kudos to those who are the majority, who wait in line despite the jam being so horrendously horrendous. Some say: First world facilities, third world mentalities. Maybe, just maybe, its true...unless we do soething to improve ourselves.

We take things for granted. Way too much.
Had a bad headache the last few days...head pounding and basically, its not nice. not comfortable at all...funtional, but then...
We take things so much for granted until something jolts us to our senses. Like mine, realised how much i valued my health only when my head started to give me warning signs. Realized I need to pay serious attention to my health and not brush it of as a trivial and insgnificant come-what-may matter. For some,may be people around you...and you never fully realize how much they mean to you till one party has to leave/ is gone,forever.
I dun wanna live life with regrets. Too heavy a burden to carry.

There's so much I'm thinking...but some things are just unexplainable. Too unexplainable. Too much thoughts, I think I need a worlds's equivalent of a pensive..or perhaps borrow Dumbledore's. Anyone has one? :D

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