Tuesday, March 4, 2008

5 points to note in a successful relationship:

"conned" this from evonne(etev)'s notes durin cny gathering. yep,read her devotion notes while in white house kopitiam...see la so boring...(nah jz kidding)

anyway, din't remember all of it, so messaged her at the end of the day again =(. (see la memory so poor).

but hear it is, the 5 points to note in a successful relationship: =)

1. direction - does the relationship have a clear direction? what do you see in 10,maybe 20 years time? you cant just go : "oh i see both of us sipping coffee every evening in the porch..." or " oh we go jogging together loh every evening..." if you do i'll just say, riight... thats a direction...?

2. communication - goes without saying. words, mails, chats, msn, etc. you know, even when sometimes both are silent, but the eyes are looking at each other, its more than words can go. its a(perhaps?) deeper form of wordless communication. =p

3. honesty - i made and will always make it clear with my partner.... honesty at all times, even if at times it may hurt. to me, honesty is the best policy. you may be "hidden" from the truth now, but when you know...its gonna hurt. even more. but yeah i DO keep secrets from my partner and WILL lah...the things like what i get for his birthday and etc...(blek i'm saying it for a purpose....keyword: chocs...=p )

4. accountability - to some who watches over our lives and who cares. eg, parents, leaders, etc. strangers and 3-8 people excluded. and oh, those whose views are of no importance too. =)

5. similar core value - i guess i need not elaborate. coz if core values are of a vast difference....chances are that arguments and fights will result in extreme rifts that may damage a relationship.

and coming to think of it, ALL 5 are important...because (say for example, you're not honest / you've no communication), trust will be hard to build up, suspicions will take place, and alot of undesired misunderstandings are definite implications of the above. so...

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ok, ok, i know i made that up. =) just to make things look a lil more "cheerful" =)

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