Thursday, March 27, 2008


Yea!!! Yay!!! I've got a new blog skin, after like waiting so long! (since the time i started my blog).
And I've got a number of prople to thank for it.

1. Miss Chin Sook Cheng - haha, Sook Cheng. The reason my template is FINALLY FINALLY up. Thank you for bearing with me, my all tak-tahu-ness which (most probably)have made you utterly frusrated.
Now you know how bad I am with technology. =(

2. My bro.He fine tuned the details. The archives, taught me abit how to edit the profile, for I knew naughts. At least I know a wee bit now *brightens up.

Not forgetting, To the creator (Serena, the name given in blogskins) and master designer of the beautiful template I'm now using. My highest regards. You are a talented,talented person.


Oh, and people, If you can spare your time. Only if you can...leave yr comments...chatbox, comment, etc. Whatever. I'll appreciate a little bit of feedback( not that I'm gonna do any drastic changes anymore.)

This is a happy day. Cheers! :)

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