Monday, March 17, 2008


Sometimes, Lord,
when they say
i haven't come as far
as i should have
since meeting You,
i stop and wonder
if that's how You feel too

and i wonder
if You're disappointed
in me
and maybe You wish
You hadn't ask me
to follow You at all

But, Lord, i know this isn't true,
because even as i fall
in exhaustion from trying to run
ahead of You,
You're always there
to let me rest my head on Your shoulder
until i can walk again.
i know You're always with me, Lord.
even though they can't see You.

by Debbie Kendrick

Thanks to my dearest siz in Australia who reminded me that He never stops loving us, He never stops watching over us; He never stops wanting to be with us, He never gives up on us...and
He's always there to catch us when we fall. always there for us to cry to...

Transition has never been easy for me...and adapting has never been my forte. Still, I'm trying. Maybe I just need some time...

ps: Thanks to my totally AWESOME sampah group mates, OO's and all who made orientation something for me to remember. You guys totally ROCK! Thanks to those who "took care" of me, esp when i needed it alot, who took the time to just ask me if im ok... and to those who think im dont know my frenz...hehehe... im not lame...i'm still mild ok...

our Prince of the wild (Who won 1st place as a swan (prince) AND best costume awards) ,
Jeremy Josph aka jumper Lingam (don't ask me why),


Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I...

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