Friday, March 28, 2008


I do usually read the newspaper. and to say that the world is "evolving"... i dunno.

the nst newspaper today had a report on a man(in hawaii i think) being 5 months pregnant. fine, he wasnt a man to begin with, had a sex change, from a women now a man...married to a women. and because he/she did not remove the uterus, he/she claims to have given himself a sperm(lazy to elaborate) and is now 5 months expecting a daughter. the truth of the matter is still disputable. i dunno if you call this sick...its just...unnatural. highly unnatural.

thenthere was this article. i was like, nearly crying (ok i did) when i read the article. in texas, a guy was so angry that he was in a loveless marriage that the tortured his daughter...he put his(then 2 month old) daughter in a hotel safe, then put her in a refrigerator...the he put he in a microwave oven and turned it on for 20 seconds. as a result, the daughter suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on various parts on her body, required 2 skin grafts, an her left ear (part of it) had to be amputated. he claimed that he was insane when he done that, but the claim was thrown out. today he was sentenced to 25 years in prison, and when he heard it "he was tearing". but to be honest, i dont pity him. he deserves it. his daughter's wound still needs to be cleaned each day...and imagine the pain she has to go tru till she screams each time. some people are just sick. sick. i dunno even what to say.

then there was the opinion part in the newspaper where someone said that "medical schools are mushrooming in malaysia...not quality controlled...if not controlled, esp the quality, malaysia would soon have an influx of doctors like in india, pakistan and myanmar where doctors are forced to find jobs abroad". and i feel its true, and scary. the thing offence, but some of my lecturers in uni is also myanmarists and indian and all(oh they are good la, most of them)...its like, even in medicine the job isnt secured next time? gosh...

i feel that the world is pretty scary. it just is. anything can happen. its like...whats happening tomorrow is totally unpredictable. sigh.

but i guess thats why, all the more I've got to trust in God, and know that He will see me through. And to remember His faithfulness...He has never let us down, and He wont.

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