Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random stuff

Its gonna be short. I hope.

1. The only thing ongoing is change. The world is changing. The country is changing. People are changing. And so am I. and I hope, for the better.

2. Orientation was fun. Fun! No regrets going ,tho some part of me feels that things could have been a weee bit more organized.

3. Time and tide waits for no man. (and woman) here I am, siting after using the computer for the whole day...facebook, editing the template (coz mostly Sook Cheng did it), and the other stuffs - cooking, reading the no-news-daily paper...

4. Found out that semester 2 onwards, the timetable is much more than my current nice timetable. Not sure if I like that.

5. I kinda like my new blogskin. Its bright, with the theme of rainbows and hope. reminds me that no matter how heavy the rain is, there will be the beautiful rainbow to look forward to.

need go dinner.

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