Thursday, February 26, 2009

Close and open

I guess it was a good closure. I don't know if I "finished the race" well, but I know I did try all the way. I did put in my all when I could. Letting go was a decision made based on faith and advice from someone I love and cherish. It was not a straight no u-turn decision, perhaps. But I gave it much thought, I know that some things, like changes, doesnt need specific people with power to do it. It matters not that one is in the background, forming, building the spine of the body...for what is a body without its backbone?

The last few weeks were a mixture of everything - shock, reluctance, sadness, bittersweet, sour feelings... and draining, thought provoking. It was definitely a learning experience( it always is right) and I hope I've come out wiser. Listening to points brought up today, I can't help but feel amazed and in awe of the wisdom and maturity of my peers and collegues... truly, you guys were not chosen by mistake. It just can't be. And I know that the jobs and the many tasks will be done with much excellence and to the pride of not just the ones who tread the surface of this earth.

Nevertheless, there was a sense of sadness as I stepped out today. A sense...of finality? But deep inside, along with the sense of bittersweetness, was a little small voice (hopefully not my own) that assures me this is not just "another decision". It was one that took into account other things - overall , the need, people... And now, as someone said, a new journey. Whatever is ahead. I'll do my best.

to you and you:
PS:I know it won't be easy. Probably you'll never read this, but know that you were chosen (ground zero...=P ) and I know its a choice well made. I know you'll serve and perform well. Not your strength alone, remember? Whatever comes your way, your cool and whatever is placed within you will be enough to handle the "thorn". Tears are precious too! Hmm...what can I say... maybe... watching your back? haha. just remember you can do it, its all inside you. You have genes transcribed from the most high. The impossible is nothing!

in a pensive mood,
signing out.

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