Friday, February 27, 2009

These Days

These few days orientation fever has been high, and I kinda (horrifyingly) "abandoned" my studies. need to get back. my reading is grossly incomplete, and I don't wanna do badly for the upcoming test.

Still, I feel happy getting to know people. Despite not thinking of OO-ing, I guess I also ended up as seXIest's (sorta permanent) OO. I hope I've done a good job. I think the sem 2's are way better than me.

Still thinking. And a few people mentioned I looked tired , drained yesterday when I din't feel it. I felt mentally well. This moment, as I'm typing this, I feel different. I feel drained, mentally and physically. Couldn't get up just now during the viva, and was exceptionally quiet. (considering myself). Din eat the whole day. The food lover feeling full, not hungry. Kinda rare actually. So yeah, my favourite mutton and chicken curry doesn't seem appealing to me. At all.

Monday. Dress code. Juniors seem to be really blur. and I mean really. Group x called me to brief them. My other collegues already briefed them...? Ahh nevermind.

I'm skipping treasure hunt tonight and tomorrow. I feel like puking , and am really unfit to help. Hope I don't pass out or something.

In another note, I'm kinda touched by a little gesture by an unknown stranger. I asked my friend for a stapler and she don't have it. A girl in sporty wear just came up and passed me a stapler. Before I could return it to her, she was gone. I still dunno who she was. Hope I'll find out.

Things to do:
clear my room? at least the table
pbl. I really wanna try.
study.I'm way back. Somebody save me.

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