Tuesday, February 17, 2009



hahaha,yesterday was a foody foody day. Started the day with bread and ham... (mum din't cook hehe) which i consider western / chinese food.

and so, lunch i bought indian food... mutton and all. muakaka

for dinner, mom brought back my facourite malay food. roti jala, nasi briyani / minyak, etc etc. hehe

Then...went to Le Meridian hotel. Accompanied dad for a conference (no pictures. I'm camera shy). and for "dinner" (2nd dinner lol...) there was middle eastern food. roti naan lookalike(not sure if it is), mutton pizza, fish, kebab chicken, beef, soup, desserts etc...I was so so saturated in the end. I'll make a very bad oil :/ (used unsaturated oil is the best what right? ) Owh tried out rice pudding for the first time. Always wanted to try as its been mentioned in the books I used to read when I was young. Quite nice actually :)

CNY just past...and with the amount I'm eating... hehehe. Now I believe why people say "I live to eat, not eat to live". We've "evolved"so much.

Food makes me happy. i think.lols

20 days to 2st summative of the year...gotta buck up. need support people! haha

signing out

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