Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fuel Price, Mushrooms, (Fish) Fins...and sneezes

Fuel Price, Mushrooms, (Fish) Fins...and sneezes

Got stuff to blog about...but those need pictures. Later then! :)

Back to today's topic. Real funny people, Sooky and ChongSen. Lols.

Tatha ang pow always fluctuate... RM4... RM2...Suddenly RM0.50. Sooky ( the wife) - "why like FUEL PRICE only, can go up and down wan..." ROFL!

Canteen was less crowded compared to usual. Coz less juniors mar haha! Chong sen (if not sooky) : "sem 1's like MUSHROOMS only...fill up the space"(sem 1's alot mar). lol. mushrooming, we call it. Hahaha

Talking bout don't know what red blinking light. Then Sooky say "owh like the ultraman that has FINS on its head..." Ultraman...FINS? (uhh i tot only fish had fins... ><>sneezes... not sure why kept sneezing these 2 days, esp after taking bath. Sneeze non stop. then nose run like wanna win olympics, flow non stop, tissues dissapear by the bunch and poor trees are sacrificed on the way. Haiz. Haha...?

Did: Bath, Dinner, Blog
To do: Study, study, study :)

Need to head off now. Joanne....



~*JC*~ said...

wey, say we sem 1 occupying too much space!! ><
Sorry for being fat lahh. ask me to watch out my diet ya!

Anonymous said...

hahaha...not I say oso ><
u where got fat...u fat = i also fat lol! no la, just that alot of u guys so obviously without u guys the canteen is less crowded only la. lol watch yr diet?

but...i miss u guys! >< :(

Joanne :)