Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

Ah...these are the pics that I finally managed to upload... 

Monday... I received a parcel all d way from Australia! :O Its actually dated a month back (4th April or something...). Anyhow just happy to finally receive it. Imagine my surprise when it came. It contained... 

a beautiful box inside the parcelbox(as seen below)...a lamb(or sheep, whatever you wanna call it)... :)

A card...and melted chocolate! haha was super touched ok! even if the card was stained ;p LOVE YA SIS SARAH! YOU RAWK TO THE MAX ^^

Am really really touched by the gesture, the effort...and all d love that lasted all these years! You truly are someone whom gives beyond measure! :D

Then I finally managed to get the 1st mms on the computer (i recall some pple sending b4, but somehow it never managed to open...) by none other than mommy ruby! :D

haha the message is just so're another gem in my life that I treasure. :) Someone special whom has a permanent place in my heart too. :D

Funny how people say "watch what you wish for". was just talking bout wallets and how I wanted one to Ruby on monday.

Was playing the piano when my mum gave me this:

A black wallet, elegant and beautiful. Something I will (and am) using. My mom has the best taste la haha. And you know, I never said a word to my mum...
Mum you're the BEST!!! :D :D :D

And in conjuction with Mother's day :) This is still the pic I like the most. 

My mom looking absolutely beautiful. :) 

Mother's day is not just today...its everyday. :) Just want you to know that you're appreciated, loved and have been an amazing blessing in my life :)

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers everywhere... :D 
that includes my "mommy" Geena and "mommy" Ruby k...hahaha

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