Friday, May 29, 2009


The Faces of Success

And aptly named, the title.

Heeeere I come, world!
Pharmacy batch preparing for convocation tomorrow. Black robes reminding me of Harry Potter and Hogwarts (probably coz Ruby was "obsessed" with playing the Harry Potter movie theme song when at the piano on wednesday. ;p )

Congratulations to M107 where ALL of them made it. The joy on their faces were... just beautiful. :)

Arrrghhhh I passed!!!!!!!!:) :) :)!!!!!
Christy. Candid pose :)
All glory to God yea? :)

"I look like a chipmunk!" (Lee Christy Anne, May 2009)
Geowin walking tall (at the back). Good luck in Seremban guys, and I think...I'll be seeing you guys soon :)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
The 2 seXIest! spies who also made it. A student ok!!! The one at the back...JerMing!!! :O And the M108 orientation vice president! They're really amazing, can enjoy and yet do so so well :) Congrats guys! :)

Dearest sister,
You have been more than an amazing person in my life. You're someone who inspires, someone I look up to. The way you give without expecting anything in you serve without complaints. the way your love just overflows. whole batch m1o7 pass! your personal touch. lollipops, notes, smses, calls... Your determination that finally saw you being successful. Someone who never gives up till the end. Chronic stress diarrhoea but still you went on. I've got alot I feel like saying, but all I wanna say is that you truly ARE God's He's truly truly proud of. Made of more than gold and silver. More precious than a flock of sparrows. You have truly shown that honouring God in life and success can go hand in hand. He is a God of impossibilities...or possibilities, the way you see it. The Great I AM. The One who looks down and loves you and me.

Final picture of the day.
If you ask me, this picture is really beautiful.
(now WHY do I look older than you in the pic tho!)

I am truly gonna miss seeing/having you round sister. Its a new road ahead...and an exciting one. I have full confidence in you. And not because of anything...but simply bacause I know the One who holds you in His hands...You're in good hands girl! :)
Thanks for being a sister who cares ,who loves, who shares. You have blessed me and thought me so much beyond words...and you still do. You left a legacy in my life sis, just want you to know that :)

you ROCK to INTINITY and BEYOND! :) :) :)

Lots of love,

After CSU practice
Thursday, 28th May

"Hollywood, here I come!"
Went to watch Monsters Vs Aliens. Premiere. Dunno why the cinema wasn't even half full. Sooky say coz its not "largest screen". like, smaller place. Its x1000 times bigger that my home tv tho. haha

IMU property (you're wearing IMU name tag wert...) :P
It was actually very nice. Enjoyed it, RM7 well spent lo. Cracked me up. You need a certain amount of "lameness" to understand it tho. hehe. Was laughing like mad inside (and outside) the cinema. this how yr honeymoon is supposed to be like ? XD :O
Hahaha, its the backdrop of midvalley not-sure-what-court.

Group pic.
Take 1.

Take 2.

Verdict: Take 1 better. Agree? hehe

Post Summatives
Friday, 22th May

This is probably how we all felt:

Look at the monkey, its chest "hair"...and Sooky's face.

That's probably what I was experiencing when I ter-took my file into the exam hall ...don't worry, the professor saw and stopped me..I din't even know initially he was referring to me, another lecturer had to come... ><
Group pic.
Then bowling at IOI (or in chong sen's words, lol -______- ). Surrounded by pros. as usual, my score is horrible :( Had fun changing our names on the teletubbies... XD


"I went to Japan"
you believe me?
haha Mae Yee say look like Japan or something...its actually in a Japanese RM5 shop. hehe.
This pic quite nice hehe. cept that the rotation dunno how. Chong Sen masterpiece (cameraman).

"wash n run"
Saw this on the way home. So know where to get a "free" car wash. wash 'n' run (away) wert...rite ;p

Sam...whats with the face?
Dinner at my place. "Exploring" my room (nothing to explore lol), seeing pictures, laughing, joking. Sooky, Chong Sen and Sam. How was dinner? :)

Tried playing scrabble later (lol din take pictures). All of us were so tired we were nearly "dying". Medical students being med students, Sooky came out with "rugae" and we came out with a few other words. I'm lazy(and tired now) to go downstairs and snap a photo too.

Results next week (if AAD does not mess up.) fingers crossed! :O >.<

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