Monday, April 5, 2010

Hugs :)

Hugs :)

I had wanted to blog for a few days already, but somehow din't manage to get down to it. Procrastination, report, notes, surfing the get the hang of it :/

Tomorrow going running again. 4km. at least 6 people are running. Since I din't run last week, I hope I din't "lost steam" and stop running...Hahaha.

Was really really stressed out last week. Report took up a week by itself (to realize later it was worth only 1%...not worth it! >< ) ; studies were sidelined, there was much to do, nothing was settled... 

Even now there is still some stuff to be settled. Of course, prom stuff (Prom coming up this Saturday)...and Official House Meeting to be done next week, and of course top on the list is studies... I think I'm missing out something tho :/

On a "cute" note, Co13ra gurls had its "tie day". Although my tie not that obvious :P
Who said only men can wear ties and look nice in it? :D
Chui ling (master planner), SiewSee (Big mama), Shin yi (love expert), Fida (super hot beautiful :P), Yeeling (yeeling+ jit tong = yee thong)

Today, Fida, SiewSee and I went shopping for my prom shoes. What would I do without those 2 girls. :'). You guys make me feel so... I dunno la :P I wouldn't care so much bout prom if not for you girls ;) And I really appreciate it =)

 Fida :) She was trying to hide from the picture :P Not so simple la my dear

Big Mama! Tom yam soup. Cilli padi. ssssssssss JINN HOT! (in jit tong's words. :P) 

This was my BBQ bucket chicken rice. It was pretty ok =) (then again, IMU food sucks. So this is like way way WAY  better)

Up close. It came with ice lemon tea + 2 thin slices of watermelon too

CILLI PEDAS!!! Hahaha, I was amazed at the way SiewSee could still keep a straight face and talk and all when she terkena cili padi. SALUTE! :)

It was overall a fun trip. But I wish we din't have time constraints...then I could have let loose much more. But I really appreciated their company. Most importantly...I FOUND MY SHOES!!! hahaha :) :) :)


Now, you might ask me why I entitled this post as hugs. Or maybe u won't :P

I remember during super viva, one of the questions posed were if you only had a day left on earth , what would you do? I replied that I wanna meet all the people that I sayang, from in the country and afar, and give them a big hug and tell them how much they meant to me and how much they have made the world a better place just by being in it. 

And before I leave the library everyday(nearly everyday), I try to give the people around me hugs :) Nothing big /expensive. Just a lil something to tell them I love them and care for them, and that they mean the world to me. 

These days, they(some of them) see me and go: "free hugs". hahaha. They'll come up to me and give me a hug when they see me (or even when they leave or I move to leave). And the last week, when I least felt like hugging people, I think its one of the things that kept me sane in the chaos - the hugs they freely offered. And I don't know why =)

ps: I don't even know if anyone reads this place anymore :( make some noise yo - leave a comment or something. 

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