Saturday, March 27, 2010

And another day...

And another day...

Sooky's post makes me oh-so-emo. Its the stuff I used to think bout. And still do.

And every living moment just reminds me of that even more. Having to take my convo mag profile photo (I miss the old chinadoll-fairskin joanne. dang u oh-mighty-sun :( )

I dislike transitions/ changes that involves leaving. Leaving of the people close to me, and leaving the people I love :'(

I will not go on. Why put so much emphasis of something thats gonna come anyway? I shall savour every moment now. And try my best not to go emo.

On another note, "broke" into my new running shoes again. Ran 3 rounds nonstop, walked 1 round then another 3 nonstop. Not sure whats the distance tho, BK3 park the jogging track has no distance written to it. Somehow tho it seems as if I din't run - din't perspire like crazy (shirt was nearly dry), no muscle cramp/aches, dont feel more tired than I usually am.

...I must have ran in my dream.

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