Sunday, March 7, 2010

because you came along

because you came along

I din't intend to oo for my last semester. You know la , sem5. I also didn't intend to put my heart into it, knowing that farewell is inevitable.

But then CO13RA's was the group. And I couldn't have been prouder of them . Its not the results that matter anyway. Its the process. Of learning. Of learning to trust one another, of bonding with each other, and much much more. As much as the "fun" , and more - was the spirit of enthusiasm, the unity. The group that came with so many colours , so many personalities. And all that managed to mingle and call each other family :)

I doubt any Co13ra members would be reading this. But if you do , I really want you guys to know I'm really really honoured to be part of you guys these few weeks. Proud of all of you, for surviving and performing brilliantly these 2 weeks. For learning to live with each other, to open up and trust each other. Much much more than I can never express in words. I believe you guys will always always stay together in spirit (coz not physically lol) and be there for each other no matter what.

Each of you are different. Each of you are unique, special. You all bring something to the table, and you share your talents , complement each other. Nothing is small. Take props, for example. The yellow car for dress code ii was amazing. You guys really work together - and that will take you far. Coz no one can survive alone in medical school...(by medical I'm including dental together. and chiropractic as well).

And because you (all) came along, you were all so freaking awesome I decided that I would spend as much time as I could with you guys. :) I'm sorry for not being there much of the time too,events and all. I really enjoyed watching you guys adapt to the new surroundings, and appreciate knowing each of you beyond surface level. Everyone has a story to tell...I have yet to uncover many of you guys' :)

And because I did not take many photos (well Martin and other oo's and all took many but din't post them up yet), I shall end it with less than 10 photos this time. random photos that makes me smile :)

Melanie! :)

Kuding and Fida. Kuding, you're seriously talented in music. I wish I knew the violin! :) Fida... you DON'T look like Ruby! haha

Some of the CO13RA members. from left : Yong Ming, Xing Yi, me, Shiro and Selva. Front: Siew See. This is after lunch at sri petaling. You guys seriously rock ,you know that? :)

The gang of guys with Selva posing at the back, Jit Tong making his funny face, Kuding being hyped (as usual) ,and with Sze Jun in front, arms crossed, and Jenan, the supposedly big boss who succeeded at being an awesome spy :P

This is what happens when we go shopping =.=

Group hug!! :) Viva session. This happens after each person is viva-ed.
ps: you see me sitting at the back? kinda big the phobia d. either i get crushed, or my feet gets stepped on. oww :( hence i prefer 1-1 hug :)

variety night. Most of the performances were seriously BORING that night. Pam could even study! hahaha :)

In the lift. I tell you, this group can seriously pose. see all the funny/ posey pictures. :)

F.A.M.I.L.Y.(Not complete I know , but some of them). Taken after finale night :) Once a co13ra, always a co13ra. To the group with as many OO's(or is it more? :-O ) as there are juniors - Rock on, peeps :) You guys have left me many memories to be treasured :)

I had a really fun time these 2 weeks with all of you. :) I still cant dance( cant club- just cant move my body), still feel old-er (since most of you are either born in year 1990 or 1991, and feel pretty useless coz most of the time I did nothing with / for you guys. But I really thank God for you guys. I wouldn't have traded you guys for another group of people. :) To cheeyip and the other oo's - you guys did a fantastic job - I'm proud of all you guys too...respect! for being able to juggle studies + other stuffs + orientation! :)

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